Our solution for Families

Free parental control systems are easily circumvented by the new digital native generations that are constantly connected. To protect the family from surfing threats, the best solution is domain monitoring via Artificial Intelligence. Our product’s broad classification makes it possible to block access to sites with dangers such as viruses, scams, data theft, grooming, etc., but also to monitor accessible pages that are not suitable for minors. Explicit, violent, illegal and child pornographic content can be excluded from both navigation and search results. Bullying, pornography, drugs, weapons, dangerous games and online grooming can be curbed within the family, while social and online distractions can be moderated by time slot. By installing the Client Shield app, the same home protection can be extended to smartphones, tablets and remote connections in general. The filter is administered in the cloud, so it cannot be deactivated by minors.

Benefits for Families protected by our Product

Simple & Easy to use

All the requirements for the most effective DNS protections